Gymnastics can be a fantastic basis for a sporting and active life and our classes offer opportunities from 3 months to adulthood to get involved. We have a structured, developmental programme that builds fundamental skills for sport and enables everyone to progress at their own pace.

Pre-School Gymnastics Classes

Pre-School GymnasticsPre-school gymnastics teaches children important skills like balance and co-ordination. With expert supervision and a playful environment, it’s a great way for children to have fun and lay the foundations of a healthy, active life.

If you want to try pre-school gymnastics, Birmingham Gymnastics Academy provides a safe, friendly and caring environment with positive professional coaches to help your children learn.

Our pre-school gymnastics classes are 45 minutes in length, whilst the Teddy Bears & Family Fun sessions are an hour long and run by qualified Gymnastics coaches. All of our coaches have current enhanced DBS clearance, are First Aid qualified and have completed Safeguarding and Protecting Children Training.

School Age Gymnastics Classes

For school age children and up. Every child has the opportunity to improve their skills on floor, track, vault, trampoline, bar and beam and are also given the opportunity to achieve ‘Birmingham Gymnastics Academy’ Awards scheme’ badges and certificates.

There will be opportunities to celebrate the children’s talents at the annual display and in the club competition. Classes run every weekday and throughout Saturdays, including school holidays as outlined in the gymnastics time table below.

Adult Gymnastics Classes

Our structured adult gymnastics sessions are fantastic for all abilities from complete beginner to former gymnasts. The sessions are very popular with beginners as there is guidance by the coaches. The first half of the session is spent as a group where all participants warm up and stretch together before the coaches lead everyone through all the basic gymnastics elements on floor and track. The second half of the session is where you can go on the various pieces of equipment while the coaches off guidance and assistance. This provides an opportunity to try out new equipment and for everyone to improve their skills on floor, track, vault, trampoline, bar and beam.

It might be your first handstand or just the first time you have been on a trampoline in years.  Whatever challenge you set yourself, there’s nothing better than knowing you can achieve it. If you are over eighteen, the adult gymnastics sessions provide a new opportunity to try out an amazing sport. You can test yourself in a range of different activities. And by building your strength, flexibility and control, you’ll see your performance improve in other sports too. Whether you are looking to take your first steps into gymnastics or get back into the sport, Birmingham Gymnastics Academy provides everyone with the opportunity to join in adult gymnastics.

There’s a big social element, which makes the sessions a lot more fun. As you are starting out you will learn the basic moves, and how to perform them on apparatus like floor and trampoline. You’ll also learn about your body, your muscles and the way you move. As your strength and flexibility increases you can learn more difficult moves and even enter adult competitions. If you’d prefer to take part for fun and fitness, that’s great too.