Welcome to Birmingham Gymnastics Academy!

We just want to remind our current members that you have until 6th June to enrol into your current class (at the time your coach would have specified).

We kindly ask that you do not enrol into different classes as we will then have to adjust your booking as this would take an existing members space.

If you wish to change your class please book into your current class first then email us from the 7th June so we can move you to a class which has availability.

New members can enrol for the current term immediately and for the new term from the 7th June.

Enrol here: https://www.birminghamgymnasticsacademy.org/members/v2/

Birmingham Gymnastics Academy is a small, friendly, family run gymnastics club based on the Metchley Lane site in the heart of the Harborne community. We focus on recreational gymnastics, encouraging children to learn gymnastics in a positive, supportive and exciting learning environment. We aim to improve children’s balance, flexibility and strength and want every child to feel really special, with lots of positive praise, rewards, stickers and star of the week awards.

Birmingham Gymnastics Academy prides itself on being a fun, safe and enjoyable learning environment, using only qualified coaches, drawing upon years of experience in the world of gymnastics, early years settings and as qualified teachers who want children to ‘enjoy their gymnastics’ in a positive and caring environment.



Within the classes every child has the opportunity to improve their skills on floor, track, vault, trampoline, bar and beam and are also given the opportunity to achieve ‘Birmingham Gymnastics Academy Awards scheme’ badges and certificates.

To register in a Birmingham Gymnastics Academy class, please contact Michael, our wonderful Gymnastics Manager, by calling 0121 455 0239 or 07736 731 474  or via the contact form here. If you prefer you can pop into Birmingham Gymnastics Academy Reception at Metchley Park Road, Harborne, B15 2PQ.  We all look forward to hearing from you.