New operating procedures

We are really looking forward to seeing you again and to have some fun doing gymnastics. Things may look slightly different when you return to gymnastics so we have put together some pictures so you can see how the gym will look when we return to gymnastics.

1. Your parents will drop you off at gymnastics

2. You will be welcomed back to gymnastics by one of your coaches who will look slightly different when they greet you outside Birmingham Gymnastics Academy the gym.

3. Use the ramp to go into the gym, wait on a spot if there is a queue and the coach will ask you to go into the gym one at a time.

4. Follow the arrows into the gym

5. Your coach will ask you to go to a square and sit on the gymnastics spot. You can then put your shoes in a small PE bag, which should already have a sports bottle of water in it.

6. Now the exciting bit! Enjoy your gymnastics and work towards your gymnastics badge and certificate.

7. You should go to the toilet before coming to gym. However, if you need the toilet during the session you can use the one in the gym.

8. At the end of the session you will clean your hands at the new sanitiser station before leaving the gym.

Your parent/carer will collect you from the fire exit door at the side of the gym.The most important thing is to enjoy your gymnastics whilst remaining in your special square. In your first gymnastics session we will go over your badge skills which you will be awarded from Friday 31st July to Thursday 6th August.The new term will start on Monday 10th August 2020. This will be the Club Competition Term. We will be learning new skills and routines for the competition from 26th October to 1st November 2020.